Chicken Hut Portuguese BBQ Shop is taking a step ahead in generating interaction with visual stimulus by combining the digital world with their meals seamlessly.

The food industry is a no different segment where the customer experience needs to be analyzed or marketing of the product is needed. Within the food industry, virtual reality potential is realized considering it as a worthwhile investment.

Virtual reality is the extension of experiential marketing after which the whole world is running to attract and hook up the customers along with improved experience. It sounds like sci-fi, but thanks to futuristic technology that has made eating and drinking experience virtually enjoyable leveraging virtual overlays.
Over the last few months, Chicken Hut has been making a shift from product-centric to customer-centric. This doesn’t indicate that product quality is not important because for the product marketing, in the end, the fast food outlet has to make the customers try the food at their shop by uplifting the customer experience.

“The brain’s role is to facilitate foraging and feeding. It is presumably no coincidence, then, that the mouth is situated close to the brain in most animal species. This is why we intend to use VR to communicate about our food to your brain,” said Chicken Hut Operations Manager, Navhraj Chauhan.
There is a great impact in increasing exposure to images of desirable foods, what is often labelled ‘food porn’, via digital interfaces. Chicken Hut’s use of VR increases the desire for food, what we call ‘visual hunger’. Viewing such images can have psychological responses and visual attention, especially in the ‘hungry’ brain.

Virtual Reality can make the customers eat through their eyes. It involves creating a visual experience that motivates the customers to dine in the restaurant and turn the experience into memorable ones.
Chicken Hut’s new way to train employees Training the wider breadth of employees with traditional training manuals following the step-by-step instructions is a tedious task, time-consuming and costly as well.

With virtual reality, training the employees with precision becomes fun. Chicken Hut employees will be trained with additional information in the direct view. Research studies have proven that VR is effective in helping the trainees to visually estimate the food portion serving size. In addition, it’s playing a key role in training the employees for food safety in order to avoid foodborne illness and safely handle the food following the regulatory compliance.

Virtual reality will soon transform the way Chicken Hut operates from production to marketing to offering services to the customers. The endless opportunities and dozens of innovations are pushing the envelope.

These groundbreaking technologies will positively affected the food outlet. Chicken Hut’s use of new technologies has raised the customer’s expectations and their presence will become a common phenomenon in the years to come. They are present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, phone and email and their response rate is at 100%. This means you can place your order via Instagram or Facebook direct messaging or any social media platform of your choice. The mass adoption has made it all-important to embrace digital marketing to gain momentum in the market.

“We will be pushing the boundaries with AR and VR mobile app development. It’s high time to create a base of VR to gain mountainous growth and increase our customers reach with emerging tech outreach. We are always looking for ways to tantalize our customer’s appetites with unheard innovations and we have scored so much prominence in the market,” said Mr Chauhan.

True story: Chicken Hut’s charcoal grilled Portugese BBQ chicken is healthy, convenient, inexpensive, and tasty so if you fall into the almost 50% of Zimbabweans who eat at fast-food restaurants at least once a week, then you know you’re in good company.

You don’t need to give up your eating habit completely or pretend you’ll just order a salad ‘who are you kidding, really?’ Make healthier choices. And by “healthier,” we mean avoiding those 2,000 calorie fat-bombs like triple-decker cheeseburgers and deep fried chicken. Remember, not all Tuesdays are Terrific, too much starch and too much cheese ain’t good for you.

The trick to eating wisely is to avoid deep fried chicken and excessive saturated fat, and try to come up with some sort of nutritional value in the form of high-quality protein ‘Chicken Hut Chicken’ and fiber ‘Chicken Hut Salad’. Oh, and to select a meal large enough it’ll actually keep you full and satisfied because, half a meal is better than Nan.

You’re welcome.

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